Nancy Cole


"This sacred space collects all the grief and sorrow that participants want to leave behind." - A Love Letter to The Temple of Transition at Burning Man 2011, by Ian MacKenzie.

Editorial by Nancy:
Of my four years at Burning Man, this is the first where I contributed personal loss, sorrow, grief to The Temple. It was hard to do. Anticipating doing this brought on much of the emotions of which I wanted to let go. And in the writing down, placing the writing, granting forgiveness, and saying goodbye to that which I don’t need or want, I created the space for healing and moving forward. Sadly, I didn’t stay to watch it burn this time, but felt it crumble, and the letting go brought on a fear a few days later that was unexpected - because moving forward is scary sometimes. But I recognize, know and remember that letting go is not forgetting the past, but acceptance and awareness that opens the heart to the gifts that are the present.

Thank you Ian MacKenzie for your beautiful tribute to The Temple.